The Programme

The Masterclasses are composed of two one-week courses covering a broad range of topics including satellite link engineering, interference analysis, satellite frequency coordination and the ITU Radio Regulations.

We regularly update and improve the content of our Masterclasses, however, the general scope of the content will be as follows:

Masterclass 1: Satellite Link Engineering & Interference Analysis

Masterclass 2: Satellite Frequency Coordination & ITU Radio Regulations

Day 1
  • Basic radio and satellite transmission principles
  • Noise, losses and their impact on radio and satellite links
  • Satellite and earth station antennas
Day 1
  • The ITU and the Radio Regulations relevant to frequency coordination
  • Satellite network filing procedure
  • ITU Data and Software
  • Making satellite network filings
Day 2
  • Slant-path propagation
  • Signal processing and error correction
  • System performance parameters
  • Link engineering design
Day 2
  • Intersystem coordination of GSO, NGSO and terrestrial networks
  • Slot protection and IFIC processing
  • IFIC processing exercise
Day 3
  • Link budget exercises
  • Link engineering software tools
  • Interference in satellite networks
Day 3
  • Coordination meeting practice and preparation
  • Steps to achieving coordination
  • The Summary Record
Day 4
  • Protection ratios
  • ITU-R Recommendations relevant to link and interference analysis
  • C/I exercises
  • Interference analysis in the context of ITU frequency coordination
Day 4
  • Preparing Link Budgets and C/I exercise
  • Strategy and Agenda exercise
Day 5
  • Interference analysis software tools
  • Practical exercises
Day 5
  • Practical exercise ("role-play" to prepare and conduct a coordination meeting)
  • Review of coordination practical exercise